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Urban Cutz

Logline – A new Barber joins the crew, only to be exposed as an evil Vampire, transforming a small town into Vampires.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I was literally inspired by the name of this Barbershop. I’ve taken my children here a few times, nothing unusual, very typical barbershop. Not sure why the name inspired me, but also the location. Even though I imagined the movie (script) taking place in Detroit, MI USA , this could be in any small town or city in the USA.

Story Notes

I had this lasting image in my mind of a tall man wearing a trench coat in summer, shades, nice shoes and slacks, walking on a long sidewalk passing empty lots, junk yards, abandoned buildings, grass fields, and finally and urban street filled with a long row of one story store buildings, then the barbershops. One long establishing shot.

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